K-8 Lunch Menu Week 3

NOTE: All crediting for the sample menu must be verified in local SFAs. The lunch menu below meets the School Food Service Lunch K-8 Meal Pattern. See the USDA School Lunch Program Fact Sheet for more information on the School Lunch Program Requirements.

Menu Certification for Week 3

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Red Beans Photo

Red Beans (3/4 cup)

Whole Grain Rice (1/2 cup)

Baked Sweet Potato (1 cup)

Fresh Apples (1/2 cup)

Milk Choice (8 fl. oz.)

Beef Fingers Photo

Beef Fingers (2 oz.)

Penne Pasta (1/2 cup)

Green Peas (1/2 cup)

Carrot-Raisin Salad (1/2 cup)

Orange Smiles (1/2 cup)

Milk Choice (8 fl. oz.)

Hamburger Patty Photo

Hamburger Patty (2 oz.)

Whole Grain Bun (2 oz.)

Steamed Broccoli (1/2 cup)

Vegetarian Baked Beans (1/2 cup)

Fresh Mixed Fruit (1/2 cup)

Milk Choice (8 fl. oz.)

Spaghetti and Meat Sauce Photo

Spaghetti and Meat Sauce (1 cup)

Whole Grain Roll (1 oz.)

Green Beans (1/2 cup)

Seasoned Corn (1/2 cup)

Candy Corn Fruit Cup (1/2 cup)

Milk Choice (8 fl. oz.)

Bean Burrito Photo

Bean Burrito (4.5 oz.)

Baked French Fries (1/2 cup)

Tossed Romaine Salad with Cucumbers (1 cup)

Fresh Strawberries (1/2 cup)

Milk Choice (8 fl. oz.)

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