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Lettuce Help You with Some Signs!


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Be Sure to Wash Berry Well Wash Your Hands Graphic Carrot About Others Choose Quickly Graphic Please Keep 6 Feet Beet-Ween You and Others Graphic

Looking for some fun signs about being safe at school? Check out these terrific Fruits and Veggies-Have A Plant Signs. Thanks to Cincinnati Public Schools and Virginia Cooperative Extension for sharing them with us!

Signs remind kids and adults to practice proper hygiene and social distancing habits and help reinforce your policies

Here's some other great signs from the Centers for Disease Control including Stopping the Spread, How to Properly Wash Hands, and Face Covering Do's and Don'ts.

Lettuce Help You Point Don't Touch Graphic Mind Your 'Maters Wear Your Mask Graphic Wait Your Turnip 1 Person At a Time Graphic