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2020 Serving Up USDA Foods Photo Contest


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Louisiana School Nutrition Programs:

Now's your chance to share how your program innovates and creates with direct-delivered USDA Foods!

Enter the 2020 Serving Up USDA Foods Photo Contest. For detailed instructions, view Photo Contest Submission Details. All high resolution photos must meet the judging criteria outlined in the submission guidelines. Entries must be submitted by January 15, 2020.

To Enter the Contest:

Submit a picture of your most creative meal utilizing direct-delivered USDA Foods.

Categories include:

Gold Meal Award
Breakfast Award
Protein Power Award
Great Grains Award
Say Cheese Award

*Photos must contain direct-delivered (brown box) USDA Foods. Photos may contain further processed items from bulk USDA Foods, or USDA DoD Fresh items, but photos containing only processed items or DoD Fresh products will not be judged. Direct-delivered USDA Foods are those available on The Foods Available List for School Year (SY) 19-20.