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The Louisiana Healthy Schools Training Krewe is a group of expert trainers from different organizations that have joined together to support healthier schools. The Krewe is able to provide free professional development/workshops to schools and school district on a host of topics. There are three ways you can get involved. 1) Be a leader in your community and serve as a Trainer for the Healthy Schools Training Krewe. 2) Spread the word about the Healthy Schools Training Krewe. 3) Sponsor a training/workshop for a school in your community.

Contact Emily Pineda for more information.

Healthy Schools Training Krewe Workshop Topics

Wellness Policies: What Can You Do?
Supporting Quality Physical Education
Increasing Physical Activity
Supporting Recess in Elementary Schools
Classroom Energizers
Using the Well Sat 2.0 tool
Creating Supportive School Nutrition Environments
Improving Access to Drinking Water in Schools
Promotion of Foods and Beverages at School
Smart Snacks in Schools
Smarter Lunchrooms
Celebration and Rewards in Schools
Staff Role Modeling for Healthy Habits
Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program
Tips for Classroom Teachers
Parents for Healthy Schools
CDC School Health Index
Implementing a Healthy Schools Program to Help Schools Make Changes