Louisiana Manager Training Recommended Study Guide

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The following recommended prerequisites should be completed PRIOR to attending the Manager Training. NOTE: The resources listed below are recommendations. The links are to the ICN free e-learning options. Other resources, such as those developed locally, are acceptable if the SFA feels they meet their training needs as prerequisites. A minimum of 16 hours may be any of the Culinary Technique options from ICN. Individuals attending Manager Training are expected to have basic knowledge and skills in all of the main areas listed.

Individuals responsible for the operation of school nutrition programs for all schools under the local educational agency (LEA) are required to fulfill education requirements based upon the employing school system's student enrollment.

Recommended Prerequisite Links to ICN Courses
8 Food Safety in Schools (ICN), ServSafe ® or other course Food Safety in Schools
16 from the list to the right based on need 1 hour Culinary Techniques (CT) 1 - Introduction CT1 - Introduction
6 hour CT 1 - Preparing Fruits, Vegetables & Salads CT2 - Preparing Fruits, Vegetables & Salads
8 hour CT 1 - Preparing Entrée Items CT3 - Preparing Entree Items
8 hour CT 1 - Preparing Soups, Eggs, Dairy & Sauces CT4 - Preparing Soups, Eggs, Dairy & Sauces
6 hour CT 1 - Preparing Breads & Baked Goods CT5 - Preparing Breads & Baked Goods
4 hour CT 1 - Using Seasonings CT6 - Using Seasonings
6 Culinary Math Culinary Math
1 Inventory Management - Controlling Cost Inventory Management - Controlling Cost
4 Portion Control Portion Control
4 Recipe Adjustments Recipe Adjustments
4 Weights and Measures Weights and Measures
3 USDA Primer 1 USDA Foods: Primer 1
46 hours

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