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Create a Healthy School Culture with the Louisiana Healthy Schools: School Health Advisory Council Guidebook


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Louisiana Healthy Schools Guidebook Cover

In May 2019, the Louisiana School Health Advisory Council published the Louisiana Healthy Schools Guidebook. The guidebook aims to assist school districts and schools with creating effective and efficient school health teams – representing all ten components of the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model. School health teams help to create and sustain a healthy school culture.

Louisiana Healthy Schools’ aim is to improve student health and academic achievement through nutrition, physical activity and the management of students’ chronic health conditions. Louisiana Healthy Schools supports healthier schools through: 1) strengthening statewide infrastructure through school health councils, 2) delivering statewide professional development, 3) providing funding and technical assistance to local educational agencies (LEA), 4) collaborating with non-governmental organizations to complement and strengthen the work, and 5) collecting data to inform decision making and evidence based strategies.