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Louisiana Fit Kids Spotlight: Brusly High School Nutrition Program


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Louisiana Fit Kids Spotlight: Brusly High School Nutrition Program

Louisiana Fit Kids visited Brusly High School in West Baton Rouge Parish for this week’s LA Fit Kids School Meal Program Spotlight! Mary Couty, Child Nutrition Program Field Manager, Vivian Landry, Child Nutrition Program Consultant and Pam Collins, Brusly High, School Nutrition Manager and their team of dedicated School Nutrition Staff serve about 600 school breakfasts and 2,000 school lunches per week at Brusly High. In addition to the serving line in the cafeteria, the school has vending machines where students can get freshly prepared reimbursable meals at their convenience. Students return to campus August 9th..

The Brusly High Nutrition Staff knows that teamwork, communication, and dedication are the ingredients needed for a successful school meal program. In fact, the staff say they miss their students! They are also excited about their fall menu. Their top three lunch entrée items are baked chicken, red beans and rice and pizza. Baked chicken along with seasoned rice, broccoli, whole grain rolls and fresh oranges are on the menu for the first week of school.

The team will continue to abide by all safety standards and protocols as they welcome students back into the cafeteria this year. Serving stations and serving utensils will be sanitized multiple times during the meal service. Handwashing and water bottle filling stations are readily available for student use. The dining area in the cafeteria is vast and the outdoor area adjacent to the cafeteria includes many picnic tables and benches for students to enjoy the fresh air while they eat their school meals.

The Brusly High Nutrition Staff has found great success with the Offer vs Serve (OVS) meal service strategy. Students visit the serving line and select foods they intend to eat. This reduces food waste and keeps the student customers happy!

Best of luck to the Brusly High School Nutrition Staff for a terrific 2021-2022 year!