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Attention Child Nutrition Leaders!

Louisiana Cycle Menu Fit for Kids! Menu and Recipe Collection Project

Help us to create a database of Child Nutrition Menus and Recipes in Louisiana.

Make sure your district/agency/region is represented!

Here is what we would like you to do:

  1. Go to your computer and locate your best week of menus and your top 10-20 recipes and/or food items. Please include the nutrition information. Consider: cost, taste, ease of preparation, procurement etc…
  2. Think about:
    1. Student’s favorite
    2. Regional favorite
    3. Staff favorite
    4. Best grab ‘n go breakfast item
    5. Most colorful
    6. Easiest/Tastiest
    7. Best heat and serve items
    8. Best scratch cooking item
    9. Recipe you’d like to revise
    10. Other…
  3. Send ALL the files (menus and recipes) to us using our drop box:


Thank you!