KIPP New Orleans Schools Work with Food Service Management Company to Promote Healthy Foods in School

KIPP Central City Academy - Farmers Market'

KIPP Central City Academy - Farmers Market Food Tasting

SFA: RSD-Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP) N.O.

Date: May 2015

Location: KIPP McDonogh 15 Primary and KIPP Central City Academy

This year, KIPP McDonogh 15 Primary held a school wide "Healthy Birthday Celebration" and KIPP Central City Academy held a Farmers Market taste test with the support of Sodexo Education in order to: 1) strengthen the connection between the cafeteria and the classroom with regard to nutrition and food education; 2) provide a healthy alternative for birthday celebrations by holding the event in the school garden and setting up local fruit and vegetable taste test stations.

The students who were celebrating a birthday received a plant from the school garden to take home and a water bottle.