Acadiana High School Serves Local Food Grown by Students in the Cafeteria

Lafayette Parish - Food Safety Training

The Acadiana High Team Safely Preparing Radishes for the School Lunch

SFA: Lafayette Parish School System

Date: December 2015 (radishes), March 2016 (chicken) and Ongoing

Location: Acadiana High School

Acadiana High School is incorporating produce and protein into their school lunch menu that is grown by students enrolled in the agriscience program. Acadiana High School was one of two Farm to School demonstration sites in Louisiana to receive funding from the National Farm to School Network in support of their Farm to School programming. In the 2015/2016 school year, students grew produce such as radishes and lettuce and protein such as farm raised chickens, which were then harvested and served in the school cafeteria.

In order to successfully implement their program, the child nutrition department worked with teachers, cafeteria staff and students at the school to develop a School Garden Produce Harvesting System and a Farm to School Food Safety Monitoring Form that was unique to the school environment and existing HACCP plan. Child nutrition staff also developed nutrition education presentations to support their work. As a result, students are learning proper food safety practices, enjoying the food that is being served in the cafeteria, working with cafeteria members to deliver safe produce from the school garden and making the Farm to School system a win for everyone!

Last fall, teachers and students from Acadiana High School, along with Child Nutrition staff from the parish, trained other schools on how they implemented their program and what Farm to School practices worked for them. The collaboration between the school staff and the Child Nutrition department was the secret ingredient to this successful program!

Lafayette Parish School System is one of the top three districts in Louisiana recognized by the USDA Farm to School Team. They are above the state average regarding the percent of their food budget that is spent locally.